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Choosing the Right Business and Corporate Attorney in Los Angeles

If you plan to or currently are operating a business in the Los Angeles area, you need a business attorney you can count on. Find out why the Paronyan Law Firm, APC is the best choice as your Los Angeles business lawyer.  

As the operator of a business, you face many obstacles and hardships daily. From hiring employees to making sure your company is as profitable as possible, your concerns are endless. Because operating a business is a full-time job all on its own, you should not have to worry about the legal issues facing your company.

For this reason, you need a business lawyer in Los Angeles to help you handle all of your business’ legal concerns. Some of the issues your corporate attorney can handle for you include business entity formation, business contracts, compliance, dispute resolution, and litigation. Whether you are a new business owner or operate an older company, we are here to help.

At Paronyan Law Firm, we have a long-standing history of representing clients in comprehensive corporate matters from formation to litigation. We are dedicated to the success of every client we represent. We will work tirelessly to make sure you have everything you need to protect your company and proper. When problems arise, we will also be there to help you resolve issues efficiently and favorably. Below is some extra information to help you understand the services we provide and how we can serve your company.

Business Lawyer in Los Angeles - Why is entity formation important?

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When you are starting a new company, you have a chance to choose your company’s structure and form an entity. Examples of entities include Limited Liability Company (LLCs), Corporations, and Partnerships. Forming an entity is beneficial to you as a business owner for several reasons.


Forming an entity can protect you from liability. This means that your personal assets will be safe against creditors or if your company is sued. You can also use your business entity to stop your personal and business funds from commingling. This saves many headaches when it is time to do taxes. It also adds additional liability protection.


Yet another benefit of forming an entity is the chance to raise your business income and lower tax liability. Specific business structures offer tax benefits that will save you money every year. Finally, you may choose to form an entity to appear larger and more reputable to customers. Generally, having a business entity name and status will make your business seem more professional and trustworthy.

Choosing the right business entity is an important decision that can have significant implications. Our firm will analyze your unique situation and help you make the right decision with ease.

Forming Your Entity with the Paronyan Law Firm

The idea of choosing an entity and filing all the necessary paperwork can be overwhelming to anyone, let alone an entrepreneur occupied with operating a business. The stakes are high, and you want to do things right. At Paronyan Law Firm, we offer full A to Z business services to our clients. We know that this process can be a challenge. Our goal is to help every client choose the structure that is best for them. No matter what structure is selected, we can help you through the process from start to finish.


We do not want you to worry. We will take the time to provide your options and explain our recommendations in detail and walk you through the process of forming the entity. When you choose our firm to assist you with this process, you can rest assured that we will be there every step of the way with great care and knowledge.


Some of the business formation services we offer to our clients include:


  1. Filing of articles of incorporation/organization.
  2. Drafting of Bylaws.
  3. Drafting of Operating Agreements.
  4. Shareholder Agreements.
  5. Obtaining an EIN number.
  6. Opening minutes and resolutions.
  7. Facilitation and organization of Corporate meetings.

Business Contracts - Contract Review Drafting and Negotiation

Business contracts carry a lot of weight. Whether you are signing a contract with a new hire, a vendor, or a client, you want to know that the document you sign is in your company’s best interests. With every contract containing its own unique set of circumstances and conditions, the use of templates will generally not provide the protections that are demanded. When there is a lot at stake, you need to work with the right attorney who cares to protect your interests.


Hiring the Paronyan Law Firm before executing any contract offers many benefits. For one, our firm will make sure to customize contracts as required for your interests and goals. If you have been presented with an agreement to sign by another party, our contract review services will provide you with the confidence and certainty to know that the terms as intended and favorable. With a clear and detailed contract, all parties involved will know their rights and obligations at all times, eliminating worry about future surprises.


When contracts are not appropriately drafted or have not been reviewed carefully, your business may end up in an undesirable situation, which may even end up in litigation. We can help you avoid these issues and prevent the likelihood of future disputes and litigation.


Types of common business contracts


  • Partnership Agreements
  • Buy-Sell contracts
  • Employee agreements
  • Contracts for services or purchase goods
  • Fulfillment Agreements
  • Social Media Influencer Agreements
  • Lease Agreements
  • Non-Compete agreements
  • Non-disclosure/Confidentiality agreements
  • Independent contractor and subcontractor agreements
  • Indemnification agreements

Corporate Counsel - Consultation and Support

All businesses face legal issues and challenges that do not necessarily relate to business operations. As a result, most businesses need legal support through corporate counsel. Our firm understands these unique needs. We are here to make sure your business has the professional advice and direction necessary to be successful without any hindrances. If any problems do come up along the way, as your corporate counsel, we will be by your side to resolve issues most productively and efficiently.


For example, our firm can assist with legal compliance in many levels of business practices, business filings, and record keeping. We can also help with issues related to employment practices. Our firm consults on hiring, employee discipline, employee handbooks, as well as wage and hour issues. With our help, your business will be aware of potential violations and take the appropriate precautions to limit disputes with employees.


As business counsel, we consult on a wide variety of potential issues that businesses face. Some of the legal services our firm provides businesses include, but are not limited to, the following:


  1. Drafting, Filing, and maintaining the required operational documents.
  2. Administration of corporate meetings and keeping of minutes as required by law.
  3. Legal Compliance Consulting.
  4. Employee handbook and policy manual preparation.
  5. Advising on Employee discipline enforcement to ensure compliance with state and federal law.
  6. Advising on wage and hour laws to ensure compliance with state and federal law.

Business Litigation Law Firm

You may think your business will never get sued. However, business litigation can happen to any company. Even with the most careful preparations, your business may still end up in a legal dispute. In some cases, you may need to take action against another party when they do not hold up their end of a contract. In other cases, a person or another company may file a suit against you. Whatever the circumstances look like, you will need the right business litigation lawyer on your side to help protect your interests.


At Paronyan Law Firm, we know there is a lot on the line when your company is involved in a lawsuit. We take the time to learn about your situation so we can give you the right advice. If your case goes to court, we will also be by your side every step of the way. Our goal is to make sure that the outcome of every case is as beneficial to your business as it can be.


Business disputes can arise for a wide variety of reasons. Below are some of the most common reasons for litigation:


  1. Breach of contract.
  2. Breach of fiduciary duty.
  3. Fraudulent transactions.
  4. Partnership disputes.
  5. Wrongful interference with business contracts or relationships.
  6. Intellectual property and trade secret disputes.

Work with the Right Business Lawyer Today

If you own a business, you already have a lot to worry about. It is your job to make sure that you have the right employees and products at all times. You also have to worry about advertising, budgeting, and many other business needs. There is no reason to add legal problems to your list of concerns. By hiring the Paronyan Law Firm, your business lawyer in Los Angeles, you can rest easy knowing professionals are handling all of your legal issues. Our clients are always our top priority. Whether you need to form a new entity or you are dealing with a contract dispute, our firm is here to help you deal with the matter quickly and effectively.


With our legal team supporting and guiding you, you can focus all of your time and energy on what really matters: running your company. While we deal with all the legal matters, you can grow your business and look toward the future. To learn more about our services or to make an appointment with our team, call our office today.

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